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Seoul Struggles

2021/03/03: [Seoul Struggles 1] Quest for trash bin far from easy in Seoul
2021/03/09: [Seoul Struggles 2] Lack of booths leaves Seoul smokers cornered
2021/03/17: [Seoul Struggles 3] Forced from public squares, ‘flying rats’ crowd residential areas
2021/04/06: [Seoul Struggles 4] Inter-floor noise, the scourge of apartment life
2021/04/15: [Seoul Struggles 5] Electric scooters, the urban ‘beasts’ of Seoul
2021/05/04: [Seoul Struggles 6] Seoul not so welcoming to newcomers when it comes to housing
2021/05/12: [Seoul Struggles 7] Going meat-free troublesome in Seoul where not much is promised
2021/05/24: [Seoul Struggles 8] Illegally parked cars wreak havoc for drivers in Seoul
2021/06/08: [Seoul Struggles 9] Newcomers ‘stranded’ in Korea’s biggest city
2021/07/07: [Seoul Struggles 10] A hostile city for eco-friendly cars
2021/09/12: [Seoul Struggles 11] Do I have to detour again to avoid the protest?
2021/10/05: [Seoul Struggles 12] Ginkgo berries, the bane of autumn

Us and Them
2021/09/07: [Us and Them] Misguided anger fans growing gender conflict
2021/09/22: [Us and Them] I’m Korean, you’re not, and there’s a fine line you can’t cross
2021/09/27: [Us and Them] The whiter the better: Korea’s racist hierarchy
2021/10/11: [Us and Them] Migrant workers’ struggles in Korea continue despite better awareness

In-Depth Coverage

2021/08/19: [News Focus] Controversial ‘fake news’ bill draws closer to legislation
2021/08/14: [Anniversary Special] Pandemic forces small businesses to scramble for new strategies, new neighborhoods
2021/07/15: [News Focus] Hard-hit small-business owners take to the streets over COVID rules
2021/06/17: [Newsmaker] Pro-tattoo activists challenge “outdated” tattoo laws
2021/05/26: [From the Scene] Itaewon, Myeong-dong still struggling as COVID-19 deters visitors
2021/05/22: [Weekender] Tired of green-bottle rotgut, drinkers turn to traditional soju
2021/05/02: [News Focus] Delivery workers to vote on strike against ‘gapjil’
2021/04/24: [#WeFACE] Jeju Island under threat from planned Fukushima wastewater release
2021/03/31: [News Focus] “Recommended” vaccination leave program feared to go useless
2021/03/31: [#WeFACE] Floating solar farms show how green projects can thrive in South Korea
2021/03/26: [#WeFACE] Zero-waste far from reality for grocery shopping in S. Korea
2021/03/22: [News Focus] Foreign workers still face COVID-19 tests outside Seoul
2021/03/18: [Newsmaker] Expat community displeased with mandatory COVID-19 testing for foreign workers
2021/03/09: [News Focus] Remote learning platforms continue to malfunction
2021/02/22: [News Focus] Doctors protest bill to strip convicts of medical licenses
2021/02/17: [News Focus] Will four-day workweek become a reality?
2021/02/16: [KH Explains] Universal basic income enters Korean political limelight
2021/02/16: [News Focus] Lawmakers push for bill to protect domestic workers after 10-year wait
2021/02/02: [News Focus] Plastic waste crisis thwarts Korea’s efforts towards greener future
2021/01/31: [News Focus] Challenges remain for S. Korea’s 2nd school year under pandemic
2021/01/27: [News Focus] Bill to assist self-employed faces budgetary, political hurdles
2021/01/26: [News Focus] Unauthorized alternative schools in blind spot of Korea’s virus control efforts
2021/01/24: [Feature] ‘Lost decade’ possible as employment prospect dims among young job seekers
2021/01/17: [Feature] Death sentence looming for universities as first-ever demographic winter starts
2021/01/12: [News Focus] Small businesses continue to oppose ‘unreasonable’ social distancing rules
2021/01/10: [Feature] Cash incentives fail to boost childbirth
2021/01/05: [Newsmaker] Child abuse rises again as political issue after death of toddler
2020/12/23: [News Focus] Who is responsible for Korea‘s late entry in vaccine race?
2020/12/21: [News Focus] Seoul reviewing second chance for medical students to sit licensing exam
2020/12/08: [News Focus] Bird flu nightmare on the verge of full return in South Korea
2020/11/30: [News Focus] Nation braces for pandemic Suneung on Thursday
2020/11/19: [News Focus] Could bad air worsen coronavirus crisis?
2020/11/16: [News Focus] Does government have double standards for virus control?
2020/11/03: [News Focus] How South Korea plans to keep 500,000 students safe for national college entrance exam
2020/11/01: [News Focus] Bird flu threat returns to haunt poultry farmers
2020/10/19: [News Focus] Plight of couriers continues amid pandemic
2020/10/12: [News Focus] Higher attendance cap allows schools to tackle growing achievement gap
2020/10/11: [From the Scene] National Institute of Ecology looks to solidify its research and conservation goals in COVID-19 era
2020/10/05: [News Focus] In pandemic-hit schools, small is big
2020/10/01: [Chuseok Special] College grads brace for tougher H2 job market
2020/09/23: [News Focus] Minister vows attention on overworked delivery workers
2020/09/20: [News Focus] High-profile DUI cases spur fresh crackdown
2020/09/13: [Feature] War on single-use plastics faces another setback as virus fears resurge
2020/09/06: [Feature] Cramming in the time of coronavirus
2020/08/25: [News Focus] 100-day countdown for Suneung begins
2020/08/20: [News Focus] Protestant churches under siege in new COVID-19 storm
2020/08/04: [From the Scene] High hopes in Sejong for administrative capital plan
2020/07/27: [Feature] Learning gap: school’s new coronavirus challenge
2020/07/19: [Feature] Pandemic’s ‘uneven’ impact on college hopefuls
2020/07/15: [News Focus] Workplace culture slow to change a year after anti-bullying law came into effect
2020/07/12: [News Focus] With deadline looming, labor, employers still far apart on minimum wage
2020/07/07: [Newsmaker] New visa guidelines perplex Koreans attending US schools
2020/07/05: [Feature] Pandemic brings study-abroad students back to already struggling home front
2020/06/28: [Feature] Controversy over corporal punishment rekindled
2020/06/28: [News Focus] Inside the controversy over Incheon Airport’s hiring plan
2020/06/24: [From the Scene] Tension around comfort women statue as rival group takes over rally site
2020/06/21: [Herald Interview] ‘Protest louder about Japan’s breaking of UNESCO promise’
2020/06/16: [Feature] Graduating into COVID-19 pandemic
2020/06/15: [Feature] Pig farmers cry for help from prolonged ASF outbreak
2020/06/03: [Feature] How logistics centers became hot spots for COVID-19 infections
2020/06/03: [News Focus] Clear skies a silver lining of COVID-19?
2020/05/25: [Feature] Coronavirus threatens to undo gains in war against single-use plastics
2020/05/25: [Newsmaker] Recycling centers face desperate battle to survive