Chicago’s very own “extra large” and “superior feel” condom startup can bring Chicagoans sensual summer


Whether you want “extra large” or “superior feel,” you no longer need to face judging eyes across grocery stores and pharmacies when choosing your condoms. CupidQuiver, a condom delivery subscription service startup based in Chicago, has secured its consumers with extended protection and sexual entertainment in April, and this sexual Amazon has now announced its plans to extend its delivery items from just condoms to sexual enhancement items.

Thanks to CupidQuiver, DePaul University students now can enjoy their time not being harassed by the university policy stating “The distribution of birth control devices, of any kind, is strictly prohibited on university premises.” Ranked 113 out of the 140 universities that Trojan investigated, the university with religious background is surprisingly notorious for outdated policies regarding sexual health.

Shipped from Old Irving Park neighborhood, sexy boxes secretly reach the doorsteps of any household in the world. The startup is continuously attracting consumers to sign up for its subscription boxes, but the online secret delivery service may seem quizzical to first time condom users that are not knowledgeable enough.

CupidQuiver welcomes those embarrassed to buy condoms in public and effectively promotes safe sex and reduces unplanned pregnancies. The startup also provides sexual tips and knowledge in its delivery boxes. In a box a customer may choose from flavored lubricants to various sex toys starting in August.

Co-founder and President Todd Harris launched the service with two other partners and has invested $30,000 into the venture since June 2015. Having partnered with ID, CupidQuiver keeps its secret vibe among customers with FDA approved products. Downside, it only delivers ID condoms and lubricants. However, despite the startup’s limited condom and lubricant selections, ID products follow Food and Drug Administration guidelines for its usage and sanitation, and you are allowed to feel safe utilizing the products for your activities.

Harris said that he and his partners Chris Hemzacek and James Parrelly came up with the idea during Parrelly’s bachelor party in June 2015. Ever since then, they invested $30,000 into the venture and now the startup competes in a global pharmaceutical market with its uniqueness and openness. The company lets itself known to the public through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

The subscription boxes will be out on the market with prices between $25 and $35 a month. Harris told Chicago Tribune that he also plans to offer feminine hygiene products. Historically, there were items considered unworthy of investment due to perceived consumers’ behaviors of preferring to try items prior to purchase. However, CupidQuiver has made profit off sexual items just like how clothing and glasses are hitting prime time online nowadays.

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